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About Us

The idea of CustomFit is to offer a customized gym solution which includes equipment, nutrition, supplements and also virtual training and resources. Filling the gap between traditional gyms and nutrition diets with this new growth of online customers (who are growing exponentially everyday) is a novel opportunity for people to have a healthy lifestyle at home without risking their life by being in public places. This platform provides consumers with various baskets of goods and services.

Physical products like equipment will be delivered to the customer door. Virtual products like online training sessions will be delivered through email and message box on the website. CustomFit also offers 24 hours support and consultation services to customers. All their inquiries, questions and problems will be answered by experts. These services will be offered through different kinds of media like Zoom, chats and telephone calls. Also, for specific situations it can be offered personal services with providing a considerable safe environment in COVID-19 era.

"Customer need to buy what they need, not what we have." personalize every purchase.

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Shopping hours: All over world, around the clock.

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FYI! In gym, if your goal is same as your friend’s, doing same exercises cannot yield same results. It is not because you are not doing well, it is because of fact that your bodies are not same. Indeed, this is one FACT of LIFE people ignore most. Our proposal to customers is simple, you can waste time in the gym, or you can use it wisely.

How? Our website will tell you, in fact show you how? With our customized products, seamless ecommerce experience, simple conversations and finally delivering to your door.

Why Custom Fit ?

From substantial weight loss and muscle gain to increased strength, endurance and self-confidence, THE CUSTOM FIT team of personal trainers and group fitness instructors will energize you to get fit and stay healthy.

About Us Why Custom Fit

We provide a wide range of customized fitness solutions

Gym Tours/Equipment Orientations
Personal Training (Private and Group)
Performance and Functional Training
Group Fitness Classes
Nutritional Counseling
Speed and Agility/Youth Programs
Performance and Functional Training
Injury Recovery

Our Team

Our team is driven to help you reach your full potential and we are committed to your continuous improvement. We stay focused on you and are dedicated to providing a positive environment that builds trust, respect, confidence and self-esteem.

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Above all, we listen and understand YOU!